After earning my high school diploma in Graphics from the Art School "F. Depero" in Rovereto, I started experimenting with different techniques and materials. I find my inspiration in the forms of nature and of earth, in the imaginary of ancient civilizations and worlds that have disappeared.
I express myself in two and three dimensions: I create my representation of reality through painting, graphic sign, and plasticity.
The hieratic forms that I produce, summarize and gather the archetypical ethnicity of contemporary people and of their past, getting their
clue from customs and traditions of faraway communities
and from our ancestors.
Taking as an example earthly civilizations, as well as
imagining creatures and forms from other planets,
unknown to man, I would like to ask the crucial question
that worried the artists of the past: "Where do we come
The pale and scratched colours I use, hint at the
inescapable passing of time, at the never ending motion
of the globe, that draws us back to the unity of the whole,
displaying itself in the multiplicity of cyclic transformation,
that always becomes its original self.
Evolution and change are represented by the worn out state of
the matter, similar to bronze, a material that in its oxidation phase
move towards a greenish colour.
I use different methods to put the finishing touches to my artwork,
I am particularly fond of Bitumen of Judea, a chemical compound
that was used in XIX century as a support for developing the first
heliographic photographs. This liquid compound was also used
in luthiery as a pigment for restoring instruments.
The archaic figures that I depict evoke the enigmatic world
of archeology, where recurring forms look for an answer to
the mystery of life.

I live, work and create in Rovereto (TN).